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documentary, 97 min

director Ivars Tontegode

completed, 4 May, 2017

Knutifiction teaser

Knutifiction trailer

Knutifiction – a process of learning, metamorphosis. This film provokes to review one’s own existence and being in this world through the prism of the Zeitgeist and personality of the poet Knuts Skujenieks. The film reveals the eternal struggle of a strong personality’s coming to terms with the society and system in which an individual is seen as the minimum, never as the maximum value. Knuts Skujenieks is not a macro revolutionary aiming to change the system, but is rather a micro rebel in his own inner world. Not to disappear, not to break down, to live, to survive, find his own path – these are the messages conveyed by Knuts Skujenieks in the film “Knutification”.