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Documentary by Ivars Tontegode, 100 min

It is a deep and thorough record of the views and teachings of an old man - genius poet Knuts Skujenieks.


Priscilla of the Baltics (WT)

feature, black comedy,
writer and director Liina Paakspuu
in development

Transgender woman Priscilla returns to her home land to make amands with her past.

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Candy with Cheese

written by Lauma Balode
in development
co-production with Poland

Family ore self realization in acting?


The Dragon in the Shell

script in development
writer Liva Eglite

It is a new mindset and worldview development of a little boy after a loss of his mother. It is psychological drama with fantasy and comic elements. All the movie is made through the eyes of the main character, the little boy Hugo.



writer Martins Slisans
in development, estimated shooting in 2016
co-production with Germany and tbc

There is always somebody upstairs and there is always somebody downstairs, but it doesn’t really matter, because we all feel the same. Times changes but relationships are the same, even there is no word spoken laudly.


The Lesson

debute feature, 109 min
writer and director Andris Gauja
release October 2014
co-production, production company Riverbed (Latvia)

Tha Lesson tells the story of Zane, a young Latvian teacher. A true idealist, she takes her mission as a teacher seriously but she faces a stark choice between her personal happiness and what society expects.